Whitefish Cyclocross Clinic – Starting a tradition in the fish


I am pleased to say we have just about finalized course and facility arrangements for the 1st annual Whitefish Cyclocross Clinic. The plan is to welcome all local talent and new folks interested in learning and or getting better at cyclocross to attend, I promise we will make it a worthwile event.

I am also pleased to announce commitments from:

1. Local Cat 2/Master Racer/Coach Eric Greenberg who will provide leadership and instruction for the cyclocross skills exercises after lunch. Arguably one of the best in-the-field mechanics in Whitefish, Eric significant bike and endurance experience, a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and racing aggressively. Eric will talk a bit about training for cyclocross and walk through proper dismount and remounting techniques.

2. Great Northern Cycling Club’s own Cat 2 cross-master Chance Cooke will be available to sponge knowledge. Chance probably goes over the barriers smoother than most professionals.

3. Daily Habit Coffee on site.

4. Thanks to the City of Whitefish Parks and Rec for permission to use the armory for some classroom time.

5. Bagel lunch.

6. I’d like to welcome Whitefish’s newest elite-level cyclist, Bjorn Fox of Clif Bar Cyclocross Team will attend and talk about the mission of sustainable cycling and his travels to Europe with the national development team. Bjorn has most graciously agreed to share some of his knowledge and I am going to give him half of the first hour. I am guessing Bjorn will be putting the hurt on all us on the golf course nordic course this winter after he gets done with his fall U-23 campaign.


an interview with Bjorn after his second place at nationals

7. I will be inviting all local shops to showcase their fall line-up of cyclocross bikes and will have at least a few bikes for new riders to demo.

8. If you want to get a little jazzed about cross racing, a little video always works for me, it’s not that far away and you need to be going good at by Woodland and Herron Park, this clinic is designed to plant a little knowledge so that local folks can do a little preparatory training and skill-building prior to the these and other fall races.



-Russ Schneider
four-seven-one-eight-zero-one-five or post a comment on this site with any questions….


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