Flathead Valley Spring TT Practice

Continuing the Tradition – 2011 Flathead Valley Spring

Time Trial Practice Schedule

Tuesdays April 19 thru May 31, 2011

All TT’s: Meet on Tuesday @ 6pm. 1st rider off @ 6:30. With the exception of the 40K, TT’s are approximately 25-35 minutes for a competitive cyclist. Rules of the road apply, no fee, ride at your own risk. Some group timing assistance, but please be prepared to self-time, i.e. bring a watch. Will post times at: https://fvbr.wordpress.com/flathead-valley-spring-tt-practice. Questions email me russschneider@centurytel.net or eric at greenberg@bresnan.net. Please forward to folks that might be interested.

Courses & Directions:

April 19 – Riverside Rd ., Creston – Park in Creston, ride to Warm up to end of pavement. TT starts @ end of pavement, goes out to highway and back. Fastest time so far: 24.52 http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/mt/creston/698073941

April 26 – Haskill Creek, Edgewood Rd., Whitefish – Starts app. 1/2 mile east of Wisconsin. Turnaround @ RR tracks on Half Moon Rd. and return. 25.04 http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/mt/whitefish/888517256

May 3 – 20K Farm to Market Rd., Whitefish Starts @ Kuhn’s Rd. , goes to Twin Lakes Rd., and returns. Fastest time so far: 25.03 http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/mt/whitefish/162921430

May 10 – North Fork Rd., Columbia Falls – Meet @other side of RR tracks. Ride out to Canyon Creek Rd. (app. 5 miles) TT starts there and goes to end of pavement and returns. Fastest time so far: 26.50 http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/mt/columbia-falls/790124281809969857

May 17 – Kalispell Airport Road to Lone Pine – Meet at the rec complex across from the sewage plant south of Kalispell. Starts a couple blocks south up through the canyon around to the Lone Pine Climb. Fastest time so far: 23.42

May 24 – 40K TT Farm to Market Rd. Starts 1 mile south of Kuhns Rd. @ mile marker 11. Goes to yellow ‘T’ sign @ Hwy. 93 and returns. Fastest time so far: 55ish http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/mt/whitefish/956758902793

May 31 – ½ Huckleberry Hill Climb – Big Mountain Road, Whitefish – Starts @ base of Big Mtn Rd/East Lakeshore. Finishes @ top of Northern Lights Rd. Just before skier bridge overpass. Fastest time so far: 25.55 .


5 Responses to “Flathead Valley Spring TT Practice”

  1. sunpointpress Says:

    Driest roads in the valley today, fastest time in Creston 29.42, headwind both ways……See you next week Edgewood. -Russ

  2. sunpointpress Says:

    Edgewood Times

    Eric – 26.02
    Russ – 27.35
    Tim N – 28.28
    Mark – 28.36
    Ben – 29.10
    Steve – 29.16

    Thanks…its gettin warmer every week….Farm-to-Market 20k next week.

  3. sunpointpress Says:

    Last couple weeks folks have just done some Team TT practice, but for Lone Pine, planning to grind, we might start after the round-about, but meet in the usual place.

  4. sunpointpress Says:

    Lone Pine Results (new start after the round-about) to the top of the crest
    Walt 22.58
    Rich 24.00
    Eric 21.40
    Russ 24.34
    Muller x
    Mark 23.55
    Noonie 23.35
    Stan x
    Craig x

  5. sunpointpress Says:

    It looks like the finish of the big mountain hill climb will be at the Bier Stube which is actually the traditional village finish.

    Tonight, Walt did it for the third time and Jason and I joined him. This was the last of the time trial series this year. Thanks to those that came out. -Russ

    Jason M. – 24.20
    Walt C. – 24.50
    Russ – 26.35

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